Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The articles that appear in the NSPB represent ongoing work and collaborations at The New School and other institutions. Published work includes new research, theoretical articles, reviews, commentaries, and letters to the editor.

The NSPB may be particularly attractive to those authors whose work does not fit the missions of most larger psychology journals, such as empirical studies with small sample sizes, studies with null results, qualitative studies with non-empirical methodologies, and theoretical writing.

The staff is continually dedicated to improving the quality of the journal, and any comments are welcome (editors@nspb.net).

Note: The name of the journal has changed over time. The journal succeeded a newsletter named the Id and was initially named thereafter. However, as the journal became more eclectic and the focus was put on empirical research, the name was changed to the Graduate Faculty Psychology Bulletin. Another change came in the fall of 2005, after it was decided that the Graduate Faculty would be renamed The New School for Social Research. As a result, the journal changed its name again to The New School Psychology Bulletin.


Section Policies


Occassionally, an issue of The New School Psychology Bulletin will be prefaced by an introduction from the editors, or an invited author.  We do not accept open submissions for introductions.

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Acceptable articles for submission include empirical studies, literature reviews, theoretical articles, methodological articles, and case studies. For other types of articles (brief reports, book reviews, etc.) please contact the editors prior to submitting. Submissions are welcome from any theoretical orientation across all domains of psychology.

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Readers and authors are invited to submit brief commentaries (less than 1000 words) to articles published in The New School Psychology Bulletin.  Authors of the article being commented on may be granted a small response to be published alongside the commentary.

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Letters to the Editor

We welcome letters to the editor from all members of our readership.

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Peer Review Process

All submitted articles and commentaries are reviewed (double-blind) by three reviewers.  Reviewers are asked to judge submissions based on overall scholarship, writing quality, and relevance to the focus and scope of The New School Psychology Bulletin.  Completed review forms are typically expected to be returned to the editors within 3 weeks.

Become a Peer Reviewer

Each summer the NSPB recruits approximately 50 graduate students from all over the world to serve as peer reviewers. Being a reviewer is an excellent opportunity to obtain valuable editing skills, and it provides experience in the art of scientific writing. Peer reviewers are expected to hold the position for one year and typically receive 4-6 manuscripts to review during that time. The main duties include reviewing submitted manuscripts for content, style, and length, and returning the review to the editors in a timely fashion. For more information, or to be included in future recruiting announcements, email editors@nspb.net.


Open Access Policy

The NSPB is published under a Creative Commons Attribution license, in compliance with the definition of Open Access.  We operate on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The NSPB also strives to provide all authors and reviewers an "open window" to the editorial process, in the hopes of minimizing the intimidating nature of the publishing world and maximizing their development as productive members of the scholarly community.


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